$12-a-cup coffee debuts in Manhattan

06 May

NEW YORK — Remember when many people were irate over coffee hitting $1 a cup? Too long ago for you? OK, how about $3 a cup, or $4, or $5 or …

You get the idea. Well, Cafe Grumpy in Manhattan has begun offering a $12 cup of coffee. That’s right, $12. One thousand two hundred pennies.

The mini-chain, which has locations in Brooklyn as well, debuted the beverage on Wednesday. It is made from Ethiopian coffee beans.

Cafe Grumpy is a no-frills coffee shop that says the handpicked beans are more expensive than most others because of the labor and time necessary for harvesting, drying and shipping.

And, don’t think about asking for a latte version. Or even just a little milk and sugar. “As soon as you add milk and sugar to this, you lose a lot of the nuance,” said barista Colleen Duhamel.

It better have plenty of nuances. Even a cup-a-day habit will cost you $4,380 a year.

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Posted by on May 6, 2010 in Coffees & Teas


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