Lawsuits: Ramsay a wine bill deadbeat

06 May

NEW YORK — The TV world usually is shown Gordon Ramsay berating other restaurateurs for bad business practices. Wineberry America, a wine merchant company, says there is another way of looking at that. It is suing the global entrepreneur and TV personality over what it says is non-payment of a $40,000 bill for wine and spirits for his London NYC restaurant.

The company, which imports and wholesales wines, was “fraudulently induced” to provide alcohol to the Michelin two-starred restaurant, according to court papers filed with State Supreme Court.

The legal papers accused Ramsay and the Blackstone Group, which now operates the midtown Manhattan hotel in which it is housed, of never having any “intention” of paying for the goods. However, a spokeswoman for Ramsay said all bills would be paid.

Right on the heels of that complaint comes one from wine distributors V.O.S. Selections who claim Ramsay owes them $38,000 from a shipment to London last year. Owner Victor Owen Schwartz told the New York Post, “He owes us nearly $38,000. We’ve yet to see a dime.”

Ramsay was recently hit with demands to settle a $250,000 tax bill, as well as a lawsuit from a dairy company over allegations his New York City restaurant failed to pay for a food delivery.

The lawsuits come six months after The Daily Telegraph in London disclosed that Ramsay, star of the TV series Hell’s Kitchen, had sold his flagship foreign — i.e., American — restaurant after it did not live up to business expectations since its December 2006 opening.

Ramsay also has suffered financial setbacks at several of his UK restaurants, as well as losing one Michelin star at his restaurant at Claridges in london.


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