Wine sales dropping in New York State

01 Jul

ALBANY, NY — The apparent death of the latest push to allow sales of wine in New York grocery strores has now been coupled with some other news that won’t sit well with many in the industry.

Wine sales in the state have dropped from the top five to 11th nationally, according to the New York State Farm Bureau which cites a report in the industry trade publication Wine & Vines.

“While New York State usually ranks in the top four by vineyard acreage and total wine production, New York was beat out in sales by North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana and Missouri, Ohio and Virginia,” the bureau said in a press release.

“None of those states produces as much wine, or grows as many grapes as our New York farmers, who in the past few years have had to truck grapes as far away as North Dakota and South Dakota for other states’ winemakers to turn into wine,” said Julie Suarez, the bureau’s director of public policy.

California, Washington and Oregon, all of which allow wine sales in grocery stores, ranked 1-2-3.

Governor David Paterson’s proposed 2010-2011 state budget contained a provision to allow such sales, but the State Legislature ignored that document and has been hashing out its own version of a budget that does not contain such a provision.

The Farm Bureau has been a supporter of Paterson’s plan, which would have allowed wine to be sold in more than 19,000 additional retail outlets.

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Posted by on July 1, 2010 in Marketing, Wine


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