State’s newest distillery opens in Port Chester

09 Aug

PORT CHESTER, NY — The craft distilling movement continues to grow in New York State.

The latest distillery is StillTheOne, located in this Westchester County town, which received its state license this month. It is the county’s first legal distillery since Prohibition, and will make its official debut at a September 25 launch party at Caffee Regatta in Pelham although it already is appearing in some liquor stores.

Ed Tiedge, a former hedge fund portfolio manager, is the founder of StillThe One. The tale of how the business came about is that his wife, Donna, insisted he sell his Porsche to help fund the venture. The online buyer turned out to be the owner of a small winery and cognac distillery in France. He invited Tiedge to France to apprentice for a month and help with production.

The new distillery, located in a 2,000-square-foot former warehouse, is named StillTheOne in honor of the Tiedges’ 26-year marriage.

Tiedge is distilling and bottling vodka and is starting to produce gin, as well as planning a brandy for fall. The vodka brand name is COMB because it is distilled from honey. The gin brand name is COMB 9 for the nine botanicals in the recipe, which includes the requisite juniper berries as well as rose petals, lavender, galangal, and orange peel.

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Posted by on August 9, 2010 in Distillers, Vodka


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