Brooklyn custom crush winery nears completion

11 Aug

BROOKLYN, NY — The city’s second custom crush facility is targeted for a September opening.

The Brooklyn Winery was founded by John Stires and Brian Leventhal (shown at right) who had worked together for three years at the social media company

“During that time,” they say on their website, “we made wine with co-workers and friends at a place called Make Wine with Us in New Jersey. We loved the winemaking experience, but because we didn’t have cars it was a hassle to trek to New Jersey. We really wanted a place to make wine in New York City, but there weren’t any viable options.

“So, we left our jobs and decided to start a winemaking center ourselves. After countless calls, meetings, hours of research, and interviews we hit our stride and are now bringing Brooklyn its first winemaking center. Our goal is to provide a unique, entertaining, and educational winemaking experience in a welcoming atmosphere.

“Whether you’re a vinophile with an experienced palate or you’re completely new to wine, we’re here to provide you with a fun and friendly venue to enjoy the beauty and complexities of wine.”

Winemaker Conor McCormack, who worked at Crushpad in San Francisco, will supervise production and offer instructions to amateur winemakers. He

will  use both New York State-grown grapes and grapes from California.

Brookyn Winery will offer both a custom barrel package, with wine — including kosher wines — being made during private sessions, and a community

barrel package, with wine being made by the case with other wine enthusiasts. The Fall price list:

  • Full barrel: 300 bottles at $19 per bottle, $5,700 plus tax
  • ¾ barrel: 225 bottles at $22 per bottle, $4,900 plus tax
  • ½ barrel: 150 bottles at $24 per bottle, $3,550 plus tax

The Brooklyn Winery is located at 213 North 8th Street. Phone: (347) 763-1506. Presently, the 20-month-old City Winery is the only custom crush facility operating in the city. Go here for a profile of that operation.

Check out my New York Drinks Events Calendar, the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere.

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