A good seasonal beer, by definition

08 Sep

TROY, NY — Beer lovers often throw around brewing style terms very easily, assuming everyone is as fully into the topic as they. The hot phrase at this time of year is “Oktoberfest style.”

But what, exactly does that mean? Peter Martin (right), director of brewing operations at Brown’s Brewing Company here, answers that question in the company’s newsletter, “The Tapline.”

“The Oktoberfest style comes from Munich, Germany. It’s traditionally brewed in the spring as the last batch before the summer and lack of refrigeration made it too hard to brew. It was then stored in cellars where it lagered until ready for consumption in late September, when Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated.

“An Oktoberfest is a Maetzen-style lager, a style that originated in Germany whose flavor comes more from the malt used than the hops. Our Oktoberfest is made with Munich malt, which gives it a pronounced nutty-caramel flavor that is roasted in a certain way that gives it a flavor that other malts don’t have.”

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