Newest Hotspot in NY: Some Dude’s Apartment

08 Sep

NEW YORK — With a headline like that, you just have to read on. Which is what I did when I saw it on, my favorite snarky blog that concentrates largely on the Big Apple and passing celebrities.

Here’s just a piece of the report:

“Over the last couple of weeks Mike’s apartment — it has no other title — has hosted rockers like Guns ‘n’ Roses and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row and the soul singer Daniel Merriweather. An after party for the third anniversary of The Box (where a transsexual threw up on Susan Sarandon) came complete with boxers, debutantes, strippers and models. Promoters from Avenue, 1OAK and Greenhouse bring their crowds here in a steady stream, for pre and post club debauchery. As many as 150 people have crammed into the space.

“It happened because Mike has worked in the restaurant industry for nearly a decade. While developing a new nightclub project over the last few months he accumulated some fairly unorthodox nightlife friends — who eventually started hosting impromptu parties at his place. ‘I get text messages and phone calls whenever anyone wants to bring a crew through,’ he explains.”

It’s about as offbeat as they come. Treat yourself by clicking here for the full story.

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Posted by on September 8, 2010 in New Hangouts, NYC


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