Albany spot closes temporarily, fearing underage crowd

23 Sep

ALBANY, NY — Signs like the one seen here usually connote a reshuffling for financial reasons. In this case, however, it might have been a preemption for fear of legal complications.

Konstantinos Moutopoulos, who co-owns The Assembly Restaurant & Lounge in downtown with his brother Steven, told a local newspaper reporter they were “dismayed that their place had become a college bar. They temporarily shut it down Tuesday and fired much if not all of the staff to ‘get (the business) back on track.’ ”

The Times Union’s Steve Barnes said that when colleges in the Capital Region started the fall term — and there are a dozen or more of them in the immediate area — Konstantinos M. said he and his brother were finding a clientele they didn’t want. “This is not at what we intended,” he said. “The employees were saying, Oh, they’re all 21,’ and we said, ‘If you’re going to sit there and say that to our faces, we don’t want you here,’ so we fired every one of them and closed temporarily to clean it up inside.”

They’ve targeted a re-opening for next Friday, October 1.

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Posted by on September 23, 2010 in Bar/Tavern/Lounge, Closings


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