• Vegan organic wine bar opens its doors

21 Oct

NEW YORK — The standing joke is that people who work in “health food” stores always look a bit like their shops — sparse of style and a bit wilted — doesn’t necessarily extend to restaurants of that ilk.

Take V-Note, for example. The new Upper East Side organic wine bar and vegan bistro is a glitzy looking place that isn’t aimed only at hardcore veggies. It offers a broad menu — with lunch service being added this coming Tuesday — as well as a lengthy list of wines and beers, some of them kosher. V-Note, created by the folks behind Blossom and Café Blossom, is open every day until midnight, with a tapas menu available.

Dinner starters are priced from $9 to $11, salads from $9 to $15, and entrees from $17 to $21, with a list of sides at $6 each. Many of the dishes probably would not scare off carnivores, particularly those containing seitan (pronounced say-tahn), the wheat-based protein often referred to as “vegetarian white meat.” You can get a look at the menu here, although the wine list still hasn’t been posted online.

V-Note is located at 1522 First Avenue, between East 79th and East 80th streets. Reservations: (212) 249-5009.

Check out my New York Drinks Events Calendar, the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere.

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Posted by on October 21, 2010 in Cuisine, NYC, Opening, Organic


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