• Getting pickled on NY rye whiskey

02 Nov

BURDETT, NY — The McKenzie boys at Finger Lakes Distilling like to brag on their rather lengthy list of products — whiskey, grappa, vodka, gin, liqueurs, etc. All very ambitious, considering the small size of the craft distillery. Now, they’ve got something entirely new to peddle.


Actually, Finger Lakes doesn’t make them. Brooklyn Brine Company, a small Brooklyn food producer, has created the pickles, brined in rye whiskey from the Seneca Lake distillery. They are offering jars of the Whiskey Sour Pickles, as well as the food company’s spicy Moroccan beans and fennel beets, at the distillery for $9 each.

The distillery’s McKenzie Rye Whiskey is made from New York grain, then aged in new, charred quarter casks and finished in sherry barrels brought in from Finger Lakes wineries. Its makers suggest using McKenzie Rye Whiskey and the Whiskey Sour Pickles for a “pickleback,” a shot of the spirit followed by a shot of the pickle brine.

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