• Schumer attacks ‘blackout in a can’

11 Nov

NEW YORK — Chuck Schumer is the latest public official seeking to regulate what consumers can consume.

Schumer said Wednesday that the New York State Liquor Authority needs to act quickly to halt sales of Four Loko, which has also been called “blackout in a can.” The fruit-flavored drink contains 11% alcohol and enough caffeine for a cup of coffee. The senator said he wants the state to block all caffeinated alcohol drinks that have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug administration.

“This is more than just a blackout in a can, it’s almost a death wish disguised as an energy drink,” Schumer said. “By adding caffeine to potential alcoholic drinks the effects of the alcohol are masked by the effects of the caffeine.

“As everyone knows, normally when you drink you get tired; the more you drink the more tired you get. It’s the body’s natural defense … to consuming too much alcohol. … But, Four Loko and drinks like it do the opposite. Because they’re loaded with caffeine in addition to alcohol, they provide the drinker with increased stamina and energy that allows the person to keep drinking past the point where you would normally stop. To add insult to injury, these companies target teens through their advertising. They make the can look like any other energy drink, charge as little as $2.50 a can, and then many, many store owners stock it right next to energy drinks.”

The Wegmans and Tops supermarket chains announced Tuesday they would remove the drinks from their shelves.

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Posted by on November 11, 2010 in Legislation/Regulation, Marketing


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