• Guest comment: Serious NY wineries getting it right

21 Nov

• The writer is a well-known innovator in Upstate New York culinary circles, nowadays principally as chef/owner of New World Home Cooking Company in Saugerties, chef at the New World Bistro Bar in Albany, and a victorious competitor on the Food Channel’s “Chopped.”

By Ric Orlando

The serious wineries are getting it right. It is time to appreciate the wineries that are not trying to be something they are not.

There are many Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley wines that are finally understanding that you can be a perfect reflection of the region’s terroir and make delicious wine. Fading away are the days of blending and concocting hybrids to release a “merlot that tastes like a California merlot.”

New York wines have a style all their own, and like a commune in France or a DOC in Italy, we should promote our differences from the rest of the wine world. It will take wineries that are proud of the flavors we can achieve here and that accentuate them, to get wine drinkers worldwide to consider us a viable option to the other styles available.

(Go here for the full commentary.)

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