• Chopin debuting rye here in March

21 Jan

This one really interests me. As a fan of Chopin Vodka, always No. 1 on my vodka list, and someone who enjoys a good rye whiskey, the announcement today that the Polish distiller is releasing its new “rye vodka” to New York and other markets across the U.S. in March is a bright spot in an otherwise bleak winter.

Chopin Rye is produced from golden rye grown naturally grown in the fertile Podlasie countryside in eastern Poland.

The distiller uses the same traditional copper stills and a centuries-old process it uses to make its iconic potato vodka.

“The choice of base ingredient, whether potato or rye or another grain, the age and quality of that ingredient, and the region in which it is grown — all of these factors produce differences in taste and quality of the final product,” said Tad Dorda, Chopin owner.

The 40% abv rye (80 proof) scored a 93 on the 100-point Beverage Tasting Institute scale. It will sell for a suggested retail price of $31 for the 750ml bottle.

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Posted by on January 21, 2011 in Marketing, Whiskey


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