• Heavy flak for ‘skinny’ Pepsi can

13 Feb

NEW YORK — Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was supposed to get all the headlines, but a new drink can has grabbed a share of the spotlight.

Diet Pepsi this week launched its new-look “skinny can,” with chief marketing officer Jill Beraud calling it “a celebration of beautiful, confident women.”

“It’s really the Pepsi woman. It’s every woman. It’s every woman that you know, that I know. It’s the girl next door. It’s all about refreshing people, about refreshing attitudes,” Beraud told Reuters Television.

However, the National Eating Disorders Association doesn’t agree. They’re offended, surprise, surprise. They say Pepsi should be “ashamed” of its campaign they say denigrates the majority of women.

The ball’s in your court, Ms. Beraud.

“We’re using the ‘skinny’ idea as a double entendre. It’s part of our marketing campaign — ‘getting the skinny,’ ‘getting the inside scoop’,” she said. “You can see back here we’re using these Twitter feeds to get the skinny as to what’s going on inside Fashion Week and we’re going to be doing this all spring. Getting the inside scoop in everything to do with culture which is really what brand Pepsi has always been about, leading culture. So ‘get the skinny’ in fashion, in entertainment, in art, in music, that’s what getting the skinny’s about.”

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Posted by on February 13, 2011 in Marketing, Non-alcoholic Drinks, NYC


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