• HANGOUTS: The oddball Way Station

04 Mar

Send us your announcements and pictures if you’ve got a new or re-worked place for drinks and gatherings anywhere in New York State.


683 Washington Avenue, near Prospect Place

(Prospect Heights neighborhood)

Brooklyn, NY 11211


On the BBC cult icon series “Dr. Who,” the titular Time Lord travels via the TARDIS, a blue police telephone call box/time machine that is enormously bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. In that spirit, this new bar has a TARDIS replica as the entrance to its rest rooms, which luckily for all involved also are larger than they look from outside. The venue, which just opened last week, will host live music performances four nights a week, mostly jazz and blues, in the 70-person space with its Victorian Era Meets Time Traveler decor. Among the signature drinks are “The Way Station” (Lucid Absinthe, Cointreau, seltzer, fresh lime juice), “The Train Wreck” (Tanqueray Gin, muddled cucumber, ruby red grapefruit juice) and “The Rocky Mountain Mother @#$*er” (Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Triple Sec, Southern Comfort, Amaretto and fresh lime juice).

EXTRA POINTS: Know what TARDIS stands for? Win a bar bet with the knowledge it is the acronym for “time and relative dimension in space.”

Check out my New York Drinks Events Calendar, the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere.

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Posted by on March 4, 2011 in Bar/Tavern/Lounge, Brooklyn, NYC


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