• New NY ‘man’s’ soft drink debuts

23 Mar

SCHUYLERVILLE, NY — This meeting of the He-Man Woman Haters Club is called to order. No girls allowed!

It has come to our attention that a new soft drink for men is being made right here in Saratoga County and sold online. It’s called Exalt, and is made using white tea, juices, and light carbonation. Here’s what Terna Tonics, a new Schuylerville company, says about it:

“Exalt has the taste experience of a soda, but uses only natural and healthful ingredients – without any added sugar or sweeteners. Plus, Exalt is fortified with nutrients linked to prostate health. Exalt is not an energy drink, a nutritional supplement, or medicine. Exalt is thirst quenching bottled refreshment for men; healthy and natural with the flavor pumped up.”

Apple juice is used as the base flavor, but the various flavors are named for the juice that gives the drink its dominant taste — pomegranate, black currant, guava and tropical blend. They sell for $23.95 for a case of 12 bottles.

Also, says the company:

“Exalt’s mission is to help men lead healthier lives by making soda drinking a healthy choice. Exalt is donating 100% of its net profits from the first ten thousand 12-packs sold by to ZeroCancer … a non-profit organization dedicated to winning the fight against prostate cancer.”

Check out my New York Drinks Events Calendar, the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere.

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Posted by on March 23, 2011 in Marketing, Non-alcoholic Drinks


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