• Niagara winery revives death and dinner

02 Jul
APPLETON, NY — If you like some murder with your merlot — and more puns than you can shake a shtick at — listen up.

The Winery at Marjim Manor is cooking up the latest in its occasional series of murder mystery/wine dinners, this one entitled “The Tiger Overslept Tonight.”

It is scheduled for Saturday, July 23, at the Niagara County facility. Visitors will have a four-course meal, with each course presented by the evening’s sommelier, “Reese Ling.” While dining, they will participate in the investigation of the evening.

Here’s the storyline:

It is the night of the International Loyal Order of Tigers’ annual banquet. Keynote speaker is schedule to be Jones Melvin, Tiger extraordinaire and a noted prankster. Over the years, he has collected gavels, flags and banners not only from the Tigers’ local chapters, but from other organizations. The dinner was to include an auction to give the clubs the opportunity to redeem their prized possessions and to raise money for charity. But, as the banquet begins, police detective Sam Shovel arrives to announce there is a dead body in the parking lot. He quickly surmises there are six suspects. Sleuthing ensue.

Reservations, at $50 per person plus tax, are required, They made be made by calling (716) 778-7001 or going online.

The Winery at Marjim Manor is located at 7171 East Lake Road (Route 18). The house was built in 1854. In 2003, it was purchased by Margo Sue Bittner and became Marjim Manor, producer of grape and other fruit wines.

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