Shochu tasting contest will warm up the city in February

23 Jan

NEW YORK — Aficionados of the Japanese vodka called shochu or the rice-based awamori will be in heaven February 6-11 when 16 different bars and restaurants in the city participate in a tasting contest billed as the “1st NYC Shochu & Awamori Tasting Contest.”

Here’s how the organizers explain the competition:

“You will taste and learn five different kinds of shochu/awamori and memorize their flavors. Then you will be asked to match 3 brands from memory and accumulate points. The three contestants with the highest points from each restaurant/bar will receive gift certificates of $200, $100 or $50 and be invited to compete in the final event at the Kitano Hotel on Park Avenue on February 15.”

Contest participation fee is $30 per person. That covers two free drinks (including a shochu/awamori cocktail) and edamame. Full participation details are available here.

The venues involved:

174 Grand Street

Kibo Japanese Grill
111 East 18th Street at Park Ave South

86 East 3rd Street

232 East 9th Street

432 6th Avenue

Bao Noodle
391 2nd Avenue

516 3rd Avenue

Kitano Hotel
66 Park Avenue

226 West 50th Street

Shimizu Sushi
West 318 West 51st Street @ WJ Hotel

Shochu Bar Hatchan
210 East 44th Street

Yakitori East
210 East 44th Street

Samurai Mama
205 Grand Street, Wiiliamsburg

One or Eight
66 South 2nd Street, Williamsburg

Various locations

296 Grand Street, Williamsburg

The shochu and awamori brands:

  • Zuisen (awamori)
  • Gokuu (barley)
  • Satsuma shiranami (potato)
  • Shiro (rice)
  • Beniotome (sesame)
  • Kappa no sasoimizu (potato)
  • Ginza no suzume (barley)
  • Ginza no suzume kohaku (barley)
  • Kaikouzu (potato)
  • Ryukyu oukoku (awamori)
  • Kannoko (barley)
  • Kumesen (awamori)
  • Tombo (barley)

Check out my New York Drinks Events Calendar, the most comprehensive anywhere.

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