SLA snips strings of Schenectady pub

15 Feb

SCHENECTADY — When more than two-thirds of your drinking patrons are underage, it’s a sure bet the State Liquor Authority is going to take a dim view of the situation.

That’s what happened when the SLA, accompanied by city police and personnel from the state Department of Motor Vehicles, last week raided Geppetto’s restaurant and bar, located at 547 Nott Street, opposite the Union College campus.

The SLA today announced the suspension of the bar’s license, held by D&D Strombolli Shop Inc.

In the raid, Geppetto’s was charged with 36 violations covering such items as sales to underage patrons, unlicensed bouncers, paying employees off the books, and failure to supervise the premises. Four DMV minors were ticketed by the DMV for having a fake ID. The SLA said its agents documented 16 direct sales to minors and obtained 16 additional admissions of minors purchasing alcohol. In addition, three bartenders were charged with 15 counts of unlawfully dealing with a minor for making the sales.

“Cracking down on underage sales is a priority and the SLA will not hesitate in taking emergency action against bars that cater to minors,” SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen said in a statement. “We will continue working with the Schenectady police and our partners in law enforcement across the state to hold licensees accountable.”

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Posted by on February 15, 2012 in Bar/Tavern/Lounge


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