SLA turns LAMP spotlight on licensees

19 Feb

If you’ve ever wondered about the disciplinary record of a particular drinking establishment, or whether a tavern owner has applied for a license, or the proximity of a drinking establishment to churches, schools and the like, the State Liquor Authority has just unveiled something for you.

The SLA has launched a new website providing just such information, plotting every licensed wine, beer and spirits purveyor in New York — from convenience stores to chain restaurants, country clubs, fraternal organizations and neighborhood bars.

It is called by the acronym LAMP — Liquor Authority Mapping Project, and includes locations of schools, churches, police stations and community boards.

It takes a little time to learn to navigate the interactive map, especially in more populous areas where colored indicators overlap each other; as just one example, the screenshot above shows the density of the heart of the state’s Albany Capital Region. But, once you spend a little time on it, you can call up layers that include or exclude any sorts of places you want.

For example, you can see vendors with on-premises licenses or off-premises licenses or both. You also can see various categories layered with churches and/or schools, thereby getting a statistical view of the ratio. There is a zoom factor as well, and the base map is very detailed.

Check out my New York Drinks Events Calendar, the most comprehensive anywhere.


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