Southern Tier speakeasy revives the 1930s

09 Mar

From YNN

ENDICOTT — An historic piece of property in [this Binghamton-area town] has been transformed into a business that owners hope will take you back in time. During Prohibition, there was a speakeasy on the second floor of 57 Washington Street. Years later, that business is reopening, this time legally, on the first floor.

Owners of the Wise Ash Speakeasy want customers to feel as though they are being transported back to the 1930s. Vinny Coiro says it was research for a movie he worked on that it inspired him to bring the prohibition mystique back to the Southern Tier.

“It was talking about the rise and fall of a couple of criminals, one of them being called Al Capone and the other little Richie, and what they did was start the bootlegging process and literally were bringing booze back to this same street back in the era. Once I did that I was so enthralled with the history that’s involved in the Southern Tier that I decided to do it here and stay here,” said Vinny Coiro, Wise Ash Speakeasy owner.

Patrons beware: If you go to the Wise Ash Speakeasy, you may treated to faux keystone cop raids and even visits from the mob. Bottom line: Expect the unexpected.

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