New white lightning from the Finger Lakes

01 Apr

SENECA FALLS — The newest product from Hidden Marsh Distillery at the Montezuma Winery is officially on the market.

A launch party Saturday for a corn whiskey called Judd’s Wreckin’ Ball Corn Whiskey put Hidden Marsh squarely into a growing niche in the micro-distilled products market — variously known as fast spirit, white lightning or, that good old fashioned label, moonshine.

Hidden Marsh, founded as a companion to the wine business in 2007, had been known for its Bee Vodka distilled from local honey, as well as its maple liqueur, apple brandy, honey brandy and raspberry liqueur. The new unaged whiskey is priced at $14.99 for a 375ml bottle and $27.99 for 750ml. It is the result of six months of experimentation with locally-grown corn.

The “Judd” in the title is in honor of Bill Martin’s great-grandfather George, also known as “Judd,” a steam shovel operator during the Great Depression.

Montezuma Winery and Hidden Marsh Distillery are located at 2981 U.S. Route 20 in this Seneca County community. Phone: (315) 568-8190.

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