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Vino Volo owners expanding airport bars

Q: Who is happy with flight delays?

A: Airport bar and restaurant owners.

NEW YORK — Mistral Equity Partners of New York is investing more than $10 million in Taste Inc., a chain of airport wine bars which operates at Vino Volo, according to the Dow Jones news service. The company runs 18 locations in airports nationally, and plans to open an additional several more, outside of airport security which means a broader potential clientele.

The chain now specializes in wine flights. It also plans to expand beyond airport dining and venture into the cities, to see if its wine sampling model works beyond airport terminals.

The company’s current locations include John F. Kennedy International in New York and Newark International in New Jersey.

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New Saratoga brew pub to open Wednesday

SARATOGA SPRINGS — In a neck-and-neck race with the schedule of Saratoga Race Course, the city’s new brew pub will be able to catch most of the meet.

Next Wednesday, August 1, is the officially announced opening day for Druthers Brewing Co., a $2.5 million downtown project that should benefit from the thoroughbred meet that runs through September 3.

Druthers is owned by a partnership that includes Albany attorney Chris Martell and Albany Pump Station brewmaster George de Piro, among others.

The brew pub, located at 381 Broadway, is accessed via an entranceway that opens to a courtyard and the building itself. Below is a sketch of that from the company’s infant website.

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A cocktail especially for Tebow

NEW YORK — Tebowmania already has struck many parts of the city, now that Tim Tebow is a member of the NFL’s New York Jets.

Doubtless there are hundreds of businesses that would be happy to have the ultra-clean-cut athlete pay a visit. Brother Jimmy’s, a sports bar in the Murray Hill neighborhood, has come up with a particularly interesting enticement.

It is offering a cocktail called “No Sex On the Beach,” a non-alcoholic version of the popular drink “Sex On the Beach.”

Here’s a recipe for the original cocktail. A non-alcoholic version can be made by skipping the schnapps and vodka and substituting peach puree.


⅔ ounce peach schnapps
1⅓ ounces vodka
1⅓ ounces cranberry juice
1⅓ ounces orange juice

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass filled with ice.

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2 NYS venues on magazine’s top wine bar list

A pair of New York venues have made the list of America’s top wine bars as determined by Travel + Leisure magazine.

422 Hudson Street at Leroy
(212) 206-0594

An oval wraparound bar dominates the candlelit interior of this tin-ceilinged wine bar, encouraging casual conversation among West Village locals and others lured here. The wine list features about 150 carefully curated bottles, and the small plates can hold their own (you might catch an intoxicating whiff of white truffle oil). Consider, for starters, the Cheese Trio Panini, a deadly combination of Manchego, Muenster, and fontina, sourced from New York City’s iconic Murray’s Cheese Shop, or goose liver pâté, spread generously on slabs of hot toast.

Flight Wine Bar
262 Exchange Boulevard
(585) 360-4180

Trios of hand-selected pours are the highlight at this appropriately named spot overlooking the Genesee River. Ice wines and Rieslings from New York’s Finger Lakes region make regular appearances in the bar’s extensive flights, which aren’t just limited to wines—there’s also a chocolate tasting, comprising dipped orange peels, sesame leaves, and dark chocolate truffles, perfect for sharing. If you’re in more of a savory mood, go for the cheese and charcuterie plates and tuck into succulent slices of salami and beechwood-smoked Bruder Basil. Low lighting and warm, earth-toned furniture complete the elegant atmosphere.


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Southern Tier speakeasy revives the 1930s

From YNN

ENDICOTT — An historic piece of property in [this Binghamton-area town] has been transformed into a business that owners hope will take you back in time. During Prohibition, there was a speakeasy on the second floor of 57 Washington Street. Years later, that business is reopening, this time legally, on the first floor.

Owners of the Wise Ash Speakeasy want customers to feel as though they are being transported back to the 1930s. Vinny Coiro says it was research for a movie he worked on that it inspired him to bring the prohibition mystique back to the Southern Tier.

“It was talking about the rise and fall of a couple of criminals, one of them being called Al Capone and the other little Richie, and what they did was start the bootlegging process and literally were bringing booze back to this same street back in the era. Once I did that I was so enthralled with the history that’s involved in the Southern Tier that I decided to do it here and stay here,” said Vinny Coiro, Wise Ash Speakeasy owner.

Patrons beware: If you go to the Wise Ash Speakeasy, you may treated to faux keystone cop raids and even visits from the mob. Bottom line: Expect the unexpected.

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SLA turns LAMP spotlight on licensees

If you’ve ever wondered about the disciplinary record of a particular drinking establishment, or whether a tavern owner has applied for a license, or the proximity of a drinking establishment to churches, schools and the like, the State Liquor Authority has just unveiled something for you.

The SLA has launched a new website providing just such information, plotting every licensed wine, beer and spirits purveyor in New York — from convenience stores to chain restaurants, country clubs, fraternal organizations and neighborhood bars.

It is called by the acronym LAMP — Liquor Authority Mapping Project, and includes locations of schools, churches, police stations and community boards.

It takes a little time to learn to navigate the interactive map, especially in more populous areas where colored indicators overlap each other; as just one example, the screenshot above shows the density of the heart of the state’s Albany Capital Region. But, once you spend a little time on it, you can call up layers that include or exclude any sorts of places you want.

For example, you can see vendors with on-premises licenses or off-premises licenses or both. You also can see various categories layered with churches and/or schools, thereby getting a statistical view of the ratio. There is a zoom factor as well, and the base map is very detailed.

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SLA snips strings of Schenectady pub

SCHENECTADY — When more than two-thirds of your drinking patrons are underage, it’s a sure bet the State Liquor Authority is going to take a dim view of the situation.

That’s what happened when the SLA, accompanied by city police and personnel from the state Department of Motor Vehicles, last week raided Geppetto’s restaurant and bar, located at 547 Nott Street, opposite the Union College campus.

The SLA today announced the suspension of the bar’s license, held by D&D Strombolli Shop Inc.

In the raid, Geppetto’s was charged with 36 violations covering such items as sales to underage patrons, unlicensed bouncers, paying employees off the books, and failure to supervise the premises. Four DMV minors were ticketed by the DMV for having a fake ID. The SLA said its agents documented 16 direct sales to minors and obtained 16 additional admissions of minors purchasing alcohol. In addition, three bartenders were charged with 15 counts of unlawfully dealing with a minor for making the sales.

“Cracking down on underage sales is a priority and the SLA will not hesitate in taking emergency action against bars that cater to minors,” SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen said in a statement. “We will continue working with the Schenectady police and our partners in law enforcement across the state to hold licensees accountable.”

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