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NYC water-only cafe goes molecular

NEW YORK — Move over, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, you have competition.

It’s a seven-step drinking water purification process that goes something like this:

Kinetic degradation fuxion), magnetic and catalytic, active-carbon-five-micron reverse osmosis, UV and ozone treatments.

Not exactly one word, but one descriptive phrase. It deals with what entrepreneurs Adam Ruhf and Alexander Venet go through with the only thing served at Molecule Water Cafe in New York City.

They maintain that what they sell is cleaner and healthier than regular tap water — although the city regularly gets high marks for the quality of such, piped in from the Catskills.

The $25,000 purifying system is located behind the bar at Molecule, where it purportedly strips down city water to its molecular level. Patrons can add supplements such as vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to their drink at $1 per item. That’s on top of the $1 for a cup of water, $2.50 for a 16-ounce glass bottle of it, $3 for a gallon or $10 for five gallons. Molecule also delivers in the neighborhood.

Ruhf maintains his product will find a niche with a society concerned over cluttering landfills with plastic water bottles and shipping water all over the world.

Molecule Water Cafe is located at 259 East 10th Street, off First Avenue. Phone: (646) 371-9025.

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A watery shrimp cocktail

NEW YORK — I reported yesterday that the city’s water was in the finals of the New York State Drinking Water Taste Test at the Great New York State Fair.

It didn’t win, that honor going to the City of Albany. However, such tests do make people more aware of water in general and what’s in it.

All of which makes a report on the Gizmodo blog about the city’s water that much more interesting. It claims the water is loaded with … wait for it … shrimp!

Not to worry. They’re benign little creatures. Go here for the full details and photos.

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Albany wins state water title competition

• UPDATE: Albany emerged as the winner of the Drinking Water Taste Test held earlier today.

GEDDES, NY — Water, water, everywhere. Well, at least from a dozen communities.

That’s the field in the two rounds of the New York State Drinking Water Taste Test being held here today as part of the goings-on at the Great New York State Fair.

• The first round includes samples from New York City, Albany, Ovid (Seneca County), Afton (Chenango County) and Bolton Point (Tompkins County).

• The second round includes Clifton Park (Saratoga County), Clymer (Chautauqua County), Dix Hills (Suffolk County), Pulaski (Oswego County) and Johnsville (Montgomery County).

The general public is participating in the judging at the state Department of Environmental Conservation booth. Results are scheduled to be announced at 4 p.m.

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Canajoharie entry wins NYS water competition

[Photos by William M. Dowd]

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY — Water, water, everywhere … and plenty to drink, think about, consult over, run through valves and purification systems … and so on.

That was the scene Wednesday at the Saratoga Hilton/City Center which was hosting the annual conference of the New York Section — American Water Works Association (AWWA), a statewide organization of professionals involved in the drinking water industry — water/wastewater plant operators, utilities, municipal officials, academics and consulting engineers.

It also was the spot where I joined three other judges from the industry to select the best drinking water in New York State, an honor that went to the Village of Canajoharie. Its water now moves on to the national AWWA competition, scheduled for June in Chicago. [Update: Canajoharie finished out of the running in  the 19-entry field in Chicago, with top honors going to
the Stevens Point, WI, Water Department.]

Judges conducted a blind test, sampling a variety of waters from various parts of the state, looking for clarity, taste, smell, aftertaste, and scoring on a 5-point system for each category. While it may not seem at first glance that judging water samples would be much of a chore compared to judging, say, wines and spirits, having done all of those liquids I can attest to the fact that water judging has its difficulties. All the entries were top quality, no discolorations, funky odors or bad aftertaste. On my final scoresheet, I had one entry just two points ahead of a trio tied for second place. I retasted all four, knocking the leader down by one point but still keeping it at the top.

As it turned out, the total points awarded by the four judges wound up ranking the finishers in the same order I had picked them:

• 1st — Village of Canajoharie, 107 points.
• 2nd through 4th — Tie among Bethpage (Long Island) Water District, New York City and Greenlawn, 102 points each.
• 5th — Village of Monroe, 95 points.
• 6th — Monroe County, 91 points.

The other judges were Joseph Mantua, national president-elect of the AWWA; Manoj Ajmera, a consulting water engineer from the Capital Region, and Dr. Connie Schreppel of Utica, current chair and director of an upstate water distributor. The event was coordinated by Rochelle Cassella of Liverpool, executive director of the New York Section – AWWA.


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